1) Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Donald Trump - “Made in the USA”.
It is dedicated to the citizens of the USA who have been given a chance, thanks to Donald Trump, to live life to the fullest, not just to observe how others do it. USA citizens don’t need a democrat or a republican as their President. It’s just two sides of the same coin, so it’s very logical that the USA need the lucky, successful President, who is on the real hot streak. It is exactly the thing that America lack but suffers without these days.
I hope nobody will claim that Donald Trump, a person who realized the American dream, made it absolutely accidentally?
Donald Trump, certainly, hasn’t got such a nice feature as luck alone but there also is a great equipment of great personal qualities such as sense of purpose, capacity to struggle both in business and in politics and his ability to defeat his opponents in this very battle. But the main personality feature is his ability to protect his victory from stealing.
What about his undoubtable talent to find necessary people who can help him to solve all his performance targets? It’s general knowledge that “сadres are the key to everything” and without his well-picked team it’s impossible to work further as a president of the USA. Could you remember the recent electoral campaign, where lots of people, even republicans, told Donald Trump that “no one can go here”, but he went. They also said “You can’t manage to do anything with your current methods of political struggle”, but he abides by his own rules and fulfils his plans correctly.
Some people could say that Donald Trump doesn’t have necessary political experience to represent the interests of the USA in the international arena. Yes, it is true, he is still novice in the big politics, but it doesn’t mean and intend that he is going to tell some dirty jokes in the presence of the British Queen, tapping her on the shoulder.
Donald Trump can connect, get across and reach out to absolutely everybody, whether he be worker, farmer, businessman or politician, taking out something for his own benefits. Otherwise he wouldn’t be a multi-millionaire. I dare to claim that this skill cannot be studied, it’s the type the person must be born with. If we consider the fact that Donald Trump is a patriot of his motherland, and moreover, he is its President, I hesitate to assess how much benefit he could do for his country.
Trust me or ask Murphy – whoever says whatever about him, all people see eye to eye that if a person has a lot of honestly earned money, it can inspire a deep respect, because money is the greatest asset of a person, regardless of the country of his living. It can be the USA or China – the result is the same.
We can claim that the fact that physically healthy man, who earned billions of dollars not by the abuse of his official position but by the means of his own business, is going to lead the USA, will be the cause of the total respect, which includes the respect of China citizens as well. We all wish wealth and health for our friends and relatives at Christmas, don’t we?
It’s a very good sign for a politician that Donald Trump is a successful, financially independent person. If there is a situation that he need to borrow some money, he can borrow it from himself. He will not satisfy his demands at the taxpayers’ expense.
I would like to point out the Donald Trump’s ability to avoid any expectable decisions to solve these originating problems, trying to use his own non-standard methods. I’d like again to make mention of Castaneda’s quotation: “While your actions are unpredictable, you cannot be defeated”. Donald Trump has so important personal features that he will definitely be lucky in the future, sharing this luck with his country. I do believe that Donald Trump will certainly be that person, who will lead the United States to the Golden Age.
What was the strong foundation of his victory? Why did successful businessman Donald Trump become President Donald Trump? I presume it was the spirit of the USA in the 80s, when the President of the USA was Ronald Reagan, that inspired Donald Trump. That time he and lots of Americans, whether they be republicans or democrats, thanks to Reagan’s politics could indubitably be proud of their fatherland. It was the time when a leader of any developing country would feel honored if he was asked to install the gangway to his plane personally. It was the time when people from all the world knew and respected industrial and military capacity of the United States. Citizens of any country were absolutely sure that having and using high-quality goods with the label “Made in the USA” was very prestigious. And what is the image of the United States in the opinion of international community nowadays? They consider the USA as a country with informal status of “milch cow”, almost fully deindustrialized, in other words they think that the United States don’t have any factories and plants, producing real goods and products for satisfying the life requirements of ordinary citizens. Isn’t it definitely the greatest shame for the whole country when her national Olympics team, which is meant to prove the USA’s supremacy abroad, went to the Games with outfit made in China. Moreover, they had their national flags, which represent their country, also been sewed in China (But for now is from the fabric that can’t be burnt easily).
What about lots of employable population, living for their unemployment benefit? Day after day they have to deny themselves and their children every luxury, because they can’t afford any life pleasures. Is it really their fault that they have become third class citizens, being one step away from the social trash hole? They can’t do nothing but just observe how other people live fully life. It’s really alarmingly that the USA have vast oil and gas resources but still imports energy products, while those countries which have profits from selling their oil and gas, provide high living standards and working places for their citizens. Don’t you believe me? Ask Norwegians, Russians or Saudi Arabians. But all these problems are nonthreatening in comparison with type of problem that the USA is facing now. Unfortunately, when Americans started to forget Reagan’s great words “the USA’s only best friend is its army, because thanks to it we became a world power”, they immediately faced the threat from China, which is nicely called “Soft Power“. I’d call a spade a spade – the United States faces the catastrophic and national menace. I presume that American businessmen, who are losing their advances, will confirm my assumption to you.
Donald Trump isn’t just one among many but a unique person for our time. I am sure that he will not wait any unmistakable signs of impending danger and confine himself to vague generalities or edifications but will unquestionably find the effective medicine for the deathful plague called “Chinese menace”.
Donald Trump - “Made in the USA”.

Proposed conception of responsive measures oriented to neutralization of the Chinese menace to the USA will be expounded in the second article.
Wishing health to you.
Isupov Eduard
e - mail: zeropro16@rambler.ru
tel: +79149032122
Вс 26 Март 2017 22:38
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