Read story about emigrants in UAE, from Pakistan India and Banglades, and it seems that writer tried to mention as country men from mentioned countries are almost beggars
I against it,
Pakistan invested $8 billions in UAE, estate
India, is also one of biggest investor in UAE,
What my point is, its not good to compare a person with a beggar if he is trying to seek a better life, in some good place.
If you ever visit UAE, u will see, and realize that Phillipines, Srilankans etc are working on very low wages as compare to Pakistanis and Indians, that is why in last few years, job offers for Pakistanis and Indians dropped to a sufficient decline rate, as these people are already earning good and moving or trying to move UAE, for more growth.
Personally, I know many Indians and Pakistani, who are living a very good life,
I think writer only visit communities, where low profile people are trying to make a living,
Didn't get a chance to see Pakistanis and Indians, in some high society area
By the way, its not a good approach to demoralized to any country men,
Who know who is working for what and why and what bring him in to such conditions.
No offence
Bad example
I personally know many country man, from different parts of world, that are working on really very low wages, just to feed his family,
I am not going to mention country names and its a very bad conduct, try prove as some one as very inferior
In every country there are people from all casses
From low class to high class
So in my opnion is not good to compare any man from any country with such negative remarks,
Hope it make sense. and wouldn't hurt any body's feelings
Вс 25 Март 2018 22:36
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