Once upon a time in the animal kingdom, during the rainy season, the animals had an immense problem with flooding. Torrential rainfalls would inundate their farmlands and houses resulting in massive destruction of their crops and properties. A community meeting was held to solve the flood menace, there the hawk argued that since water was the cause of their problem, they had to arrest water and lock him up in a dam. All the animals agreed to do as the hawk proposed and they thanked him for his brilliant idea. They built a dam and made water flow into it, unfortunately, rain would fall and the dam will collapse giving way for water to overflow causing intense flooding. The animals would dam water all over again, the sun would shine and heat up water and it would vanish into thin air only to come down as rainfall flooding their farmlands and houses like ever before. Although the animals possessed great numbers and strength complemented with high-level intelligence, they couldn’t defeat a less formidable opponent in form of water because of its formless nature.
Moral Lesson
Formlessness is in the eye of the enemy who cannot see what they are up to and so has nothing solid to attack.

Written by: Olayiwola Akinnagbe.

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